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Public Adjusters Group

We are the leading public insurance adjusters Schererville company. Our mission is to provide superior services to our clients. We strive to maximize their insurance application payouts and ensure their satisfaction with our quality third-party labor. Our family firm is dedicated to providing one of the best possible outcome from their insurance applications.

Years of Experience

With extensive experience in industry, our experienced insurance adjuster Schererville team has extensive knowledge and expertise in obtaining the most appropriate insurance refunds for our clients. We use proven methods to ensure that your interests are protected and that you receive the maximum payout for your claim.

We've Got You Covered

Our claims adjuster Schererville team handles every aspect of the insurance application process, from ensuring the best possible payout to restoring any damages incurred to your property. Our clients can focus on moving forward with their lives, knowing we have everything under control.

Available 24/7

In the event of property damage, our expert disaster insurance claims adjuster Schererville solutions team is available around the clock to assist you. We prioritize your safety, time, and possessions, ensuring that any damages are quickly and properly addressed.

Our Services

Insurance Claim Adjusters Schererville Services

destroyed house after a hurricane

Natural Disasters Insurance Adjuster Schererville

Natural catastrophes such as tornados, ice storms and floods can cause tremendous stress on your life. Our company will be there for you every step of the way as we help you get back on your feet, so that you can find peace.

house on fire

Fire Damage Public Adjuster

Fire causes destruction, yes. However, its effect on your property can be more destructive than the actual fire itself. When there has been fire damage to your home, many insurance companies will only cover smoke-related losses up to a certain limit. If you are not fully compensated by your current insurer, consider contacting us

flood at home

Water Damage Public Adjuster

Water damage can be costly to restore and can ruin your home’s appearance. By hiring our claims adjuster you can save both time and money.

house after flood under water

Flood Damage Insurance Adjuster Schererville

A home that is damaged by a flood crisis isn’t simply uninhabitable. The effects are incredibly costly and can leave the homeowner with thousands of dollars in damage and reconstruction costs. We will help you receive the highest possible amount of compensation for your injuries.

damaged house after a storm

Storm Damage Public Adjuster Schererville

Heavy storms can cause many different kinds of damage to houses, including flooding and structural problems. We can assist you in getting the full payout from your insurance company.

damaged roof after a storm

Hail Damage Insurance Adjuster Schererville

Large hailstones hitting your roof can dent it, creating leaks and other issues that will cost you time and money to fix. Our company can help you with your claim for repairing the damage.

Public Adjusters Group

Our Process Towards Fair Insurance Claims, Step by Step

During the insurance claims process, our group of committed public adjusters Schererville is committed to fighting for your rights. Since coping with property loss or damage may be intimidating, our claims adjuster Schererville is here to provide professional support and make sure you obtain a fair payment from your insurance carrier.


Our insurance adjuster Schererville commences by meticulously reviewing your insurance and estimating the harm before moving further. Our ability to comprehend your particular circumstance and create a personalized action plan is made possible by this first session.


Our knowledgeable public insurance adjusters Schererville carefully record the damage and gather proof to back up your claim. We record your damages thoroughly by taking pictures and compiling pertinent documentation.

Claim Preparation

We diligently put together and send your insurance company a comprehensive claim package while drawing on our sector experience. Our insurance appraiser Schererville makes sure that the required paperwork is submitted in order to support your right to a fair settlement.


To fight for your rights, our accomplished insurance claims adjusters Schererville speak openly with your insurance provider. Based on the terms of your policy, we make unremitting efforts to get the maximum compensation you are entitled to.


We assist you through the finalization process once a just settlement has been reached to make sure you get your due compensation as soon as possible.

Public Adjusters Group

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Public Adjusters Group will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs, and we’ll help ensure that each individual receives the compensation you deserve.